Staff Directory

The main number for Suwanee City Hall is 770-945-8996. To email staff members, simply click on the appropriate envelope; department and direct-dial phone numbers also are provided.

City Manager’s Office
City Manager Marty Allen 678-546-2133 Marty Allen
Budget Analyst Susan VanNus 770-904-3377 Susan VanNus
Office Administrator Robyn O'Donnell 770-904-2790 Robyn O'Donnell
Administrative Services
Director Elvira Rogers 770-904-3376 Elvira Rogers
Human Resources Manager Tanesha Graham 770-904-3375 Tanesha Graham
Business Services
Director Jessica Roth 770-904-2789 Jessica Roth
Business Services Manager Taranta Anderson 770-904-2795 Taranta Anderson
Business Services Specialist Michelle Comer 770-904-3383 Michelle Comer
Business Services Specialist Kathy Jones 770-904-2791 Kathy Jones
Economic and Community Development
Assistant City Manager Denise Brinson 770-904-3385 Denise Brinson
Downtown and Business Development Manager Adam Edge 770-904-3388 Adam Edge
Events Coordinator Amy Doherty 770-904-3387 Amy Doherty
Public Information Officer Abby Wilkerson 770-904-3386 Abby Wilkerson
Special Projects Coordinator Toni Shrewsbury 770-904-3389 Toni Shrewsbury
Financial Services
Director Amie Sakmar 770-904-2797 Amie Sakmar
Financial Planning and Reporting Manager Donna Sisley 678-546-2146 Donna Sisley
Accounting Analyst Trinity Hsu 770-904-3384 Trinity Hsu
Communications Specialist Paul Bara 770-904-3382 Paul Bara
Special Projects Analyst Wendy Budd 770-904-2794 Wendy Budd
Municipal Court – Main Number: 770-945-6962
Court Services Administrator Mariza Abdeljawad 678-546-2134 Mariza Abdeljawad
Deputy Court Clerk Catherine Blanford 770-904-2135 Catherine Blanford
Deputy Court Clerk Maureen Lattimore 678-546-2137 Maureen Lattimore
Planning & Inspections – Main Number: 770-904-2796
Director Josh Campbell 770-904-3372 Josh Campbell
Administrative Secretary Annette Phelps 770-904-2792 Annette Phelps
Building Inspector Wendell Mosley 770-904-3370 Wendell Mosley
City Planner Daniel Robinson 770-904-3381 Daniel  Robinson
Development Coordinator Mary Ann Jackson 770-904-2796 Mary Ann Jackson
Planning Division Director Alyssa Durden 770-904-3371 Alyssa Durden
Police Department Administration – Main Number (Non-Emergency): 770-945-8995
Chief Mike Jones 770-904-7610 Mike Jones
Administrative Assistant Donna Copeletti 770-904-7610 Donna Copeletti
Captain Shane Edmisten 770-904-7615 Shane Edmisten
Captain Cass Mooney 770-904-7606 Cass Mooney
Records Evidence Technician Gwen Franklin 770-904-7614 Gwen Franklin
Public Works Administration
Director James Miller 770-904-3373 James Miller
Admin. Asst./Service Requests Nicole Schnepper 770-904-3379 Nicole Schnepper
Asst. to the Director Bill Barnes 770-904-3378 Bill Barnes
Facilities Technician Joe Myers 770-904-3370 Joe Myers
Supervisor William Manigault 770-904-7140 William Manigault