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City of Suwanee Names its 2019 Suwanee Youth Leaders Class

SYL is an eight-month leadership program for high school sophomores and juniors who live within the North Gwinnett, Peachtree Ridge, or Collins Hills cluster districts.

Post Date:02/20/2019 11:33 AM

The City of Suwanee recently named the members of its sixth Suwanee Youth Leaders (SYL) class. These students were chosen based on a combination of the strength of application, feedback from a student-led selection committee made up of recent SYL graduates, recommendations from teachers and school administrators, academic performance, and extracurricular resume. 

SYL is an eight-month leadership program for high school sophomores and juniors who live within the North Gwinnett, Peachtree Ridge, or Collins Hills cluster districts. Participants gain genuine exposure to local initiatives and community and civic leaders, while also allowing the City to engage with youth providing a strong voice and active role in planning the City’s success.

Suwanee Youth Leaders recently won a Southeast Festivals and Events Association Bronze Kaleidoscope Award for Most Creative Idea for collaboration with Suwanee Fest. SYL also won an Atlanta Regional Commission 2016 CREATE Community Award in the category of Educational Excellence.

“The Suwanee Youth Leaders program allows the City to make a genuine commitment to the youth in our community,” said Suwanee Downtown Business & Development Manager Adam Edge, a co-leader of the program. “While it’s an honor to win awards, it’s an even greater reward to see kids becoming invested in their community through this initiative.”

Thanks to SYL, said Assistant City Manager Denise Brinson, “We now have a group of young people who have more knowledge of their community and how local government works and the work that goes into building community. The City wanted to develop a real connection with our schools and find a way to meaningfully encourage youth involvement as prescribed in our strategic plan – not just checking a box, but building sincere, authentic relationships.”

Congratulations to the Suwanee Youth Leaders Class of 2019

Jizal Aboneaaj                   North Gwinnett
Allison Adams                   North Gwinnett
Amanee Alkhaild              Peachtree Ridge
Erin Allen                           Apalachee
Wilson Baughman           North Gwinnett
Eliza Berry                         North Gwinnett
Nicole Briceno                  Peachtree Ridge
Madeline Busse                North Gwinnett
Allison Campbell              North Gwinnett
David Cooper                    North Gwinnett
Christina Cuadra              North Gwinnett
Brandon Czech                 North Gwinnett
Rachel Daniel                    North Gwinnett
Sritha Donepudi               North Gwinnett
Emerie Ediger                    North Gwinnett
Eli Emmons                        North Gwinnett
Ellie Foster                         North Gwinnett
Rishi Gaddamanugu       North Gwinnett
Gina Gazzo                        Peachtree Ridge
Tyra Grant                         Collins Hill
Angelique Guerrero        North Gwinnett
Arjun Gupta                      GSMST
Samuel Hall                       Collins Hill
Erica Hambacker              North Gwinnett
Andrew Horn                    North Gwinnett
Nicholas Hubbard            Collins Hill
Brandon Hui                      GSMST
Quinn Hunsaker               North Gwinnett
Narjaye Hutchinson         Peachtree Ridge
Wesley Imig                       North Gwinnett
Albert Jang                         Peachtree Ridge
Zachary Jimenez               North Gwinnett
Kyra Johnson                     Peachree Ridge
Hannah Jones                   North Gwinnett
Chaerin Kang                    North Gwinnett
Jaimie Kang                       North Gwinnett
Hunter Kruse                    Collins Hill
Emily Lawrence                North Gwinnett
Maria Li                              North Gwinnett
Jordan Mathew                 Peachtree Ridge
Jackson McGregor            Peachtree Ridge
Wajiha Mekki                     Peachtree Ridge
Akash Mondeddu             North Gwinnett
Alexa Moore                      Collins Hill
Milan Nayak                       GSMST
Maya Nayak                       North Gwinnett
Kim Nguyen                       Collins Hill
Cole Page                           North Gwinnett
Matthew Park                    North Gwinnett
Aditi Patel                           Collins Hill
Fatima Patino-Gasca        Peachtree Ridge
Amanda Pittman               Peachtree Ridge
Charu Prasad                     North Gwinnett
Matthew Park                    North Gwinnett
Anish Reddy                       Peachtree Ridge
Emilio Rico                          North Gwinnett
Nicholas Rivord                 North Gwinnett
Vikram Sagar                      North Gwinnett
Nate Salyer                         North Gwinnett
Christopher Semali           Collins Hill
Jovanna Soler                     GSMST
Benjamin Stewart             North Gwinnett
Avery Tam                          North Gwinnett
Deniella Tenenbaum       Peachtree Ridge
Emily Theisen                    North Gwinnett
Nicholas Tobon                 North Gwinnett
Spencer Toomey               North Gwinnett
Steven Vacha                     North Gwinnett
Gabrielle Wheeler            North Gwinnett
Abigayle Wood                  Collins Hill
Brightly Xiong                    Collins Hill
Eileen Yoo                          North Gwinnett
Emily Zambrano               Peachtree Ridge
Jiayong Zheng                    North Gwinnett

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