About Suwanee

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About Suwanee

Progressive EnvironmentAward-winning Suwanee is a friendly, progressive community committed to maintaining a high-quality of life for its approximately 18,000+ residents. The Suwanee community is considered one of the most desirable places to live in the Atlanta region and has been named by several national publications (Money, Family Circle, Kiplinger.com) as one of the best places to live and raise families, and was named Georgia’s eCity by Google.

Located about 30 miles north of Atlanta, Suwanee is well-known for its distinctive parks, crowd-pleasing events, and high-quality mixed-use developments. Like many Gwinnett County communities, Suwanee began as a small agricultural town with strong ties to the railroad. Today, the City works hard to retain its charm and sense of neighborliness and to manage growth in smart, innovative ways.

Suwanee offers a variety of housing options that fit an array of lifestyles. Its youngest citizens are served by the Gwinnett County Schools System, the largest public school system in Georgia and largely regarded as the finest.

Running in the ParkSuwanee boasts over 600 acres of parkland and many miles of walking and biking trails, much of which was preserved and created by the City of Suwanee through a voter-approved, award-winning open space initiative. The vibrant Town Center is an attractive community "front yard" where our residents and others from throughout the metro area gather for events, to shop and eat, or simply to relax and play.

Whether you're passing through, spending a few days, or thinking about moving in, welcome to Suwanee, Georgia!

Suwanee 2040 Vision Statement

Suwanee 2040 will be a safe, fun, attractive, inclusive, evolving city with a unique, vibrant downtown that is well-connected to established neighborhoods and commercial/employment opportunities.

Neighborhoods farther from downtown will be largely suburban, while development types closer to downtown will be taller, denser and highly walkable. Town Center will be the city’s economic, social, and cultural hub. Historic Old Town will be characterized by a mixture of old and new quaint smaller scale development integrated into the existing traditional fabric. Suwanee Gateway will serve local and regional commercial and employment needs.

Established neighborhoods
will continue to be an essential source of quality homes attractive to families. Art, parks, greenways, and open space will be important elements for recreation and identity. Suwanee will continue to grow in a deliberate manner that enhances the city’s varied communities and quality of life.