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2013-15 Suwanee SculpTour

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sculptour_logoThe 2013-15 Suwanee SculpTour pieces offer artistic interpretations and reflections on a broad range of topics, from nature to the human body, from love of family to appreciation for well-worn tools. A walkable art encounter in and around Town Center, Suwanee SculpTour is part of the City's public art initiative. The program is coordinated by the Public Arts Commission and is funded through private donations.

Crescendo by Gregory JohnsonCrescendo by Gregory Johnson

Sponsored by Quantum National Bank

Crescendo explores how Mother Nature in motion – whether a crashing wave, a rolling cloud, or an avalanche of snow – suggests meandering circular movement. Fabricated from stainless steel, the piece is 4'10"x4'9"x2'3" and weighs 175 pounds. The purchase price is $13,500.

gregory johnsonFor the past 50 years, Gregory Johnson's work has focused on figurative themes, which he has cast in bronze and stainless steel. The artist's current contemporary set of works is built upon concepts found in his traditional works, however, instead of sculpting things that we see and are familiar with, such as a person, he has chosen to depict elements that we feel but cannot necessarily touch or quantify. The warmth of the sun, the secure and loving feeling of a family, the strength of nature – these are just a few of the elements Johnson explores.

Johnson has a master's degree in art and has created numerous pieces as private, corporate, and public commissions. He currently resides in Cumming, Georgia.

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Fay by Cecilia LuezaFay by Cecilia Lueza

Sponsored by Advanced Family Eyecare, LLC

Fay was inspired by Florida's amazing sunsets and the colors we find in nature. The sculpture is figurative with an element of simplification or slight abstraction. Fabricated of aluminum, this piece is 8'x4'x3" and weighs 100 pounds. Purchase price is $10,500.

cecilia luezaBorn in Argentina, Cecilia Lueza studied fine arts at and graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Ia Plata in the mid-1990s. She moved permanently to the United States shortly thereafter. Her first large-scale sculptures were exhibited in downtown Orlando in 2002. Since then, she has worked on a variety of site-specific and public art projects as well as private and public art commissions in many cities throughout the United States. Lueza currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Ring Bound by Davis Andrew Whitfield IVRing Bound by Davis Andrew Whitfield IV

Sponsored by Salude

Ring Bound suggests the progression of life as we age. The stainless steel ring represents a wedding ring and the commitment that two people make to one another. The exaggerated arch creates a point of tension, balancing on the ring, which ultimately signifies the artist himself stepping out onto a new path.

The second form represents the artist's wife, along for the ride that marriage offers, and eventually the biggest ride of them all, children. The top form is a growing shape in response to Whitfield's newest family member, his daughter. All of these forms are balancing on and bound by the ring, which rests on the earth, and is thus well grounded, together forever. This painted steel sculpture is 7'5"x3'x2' and weighs 400 pounds. The purchase price is $8,000.

davis whitfieldDavis A. Whitfield IV has been an artist for as long as he can remember. Although his father wanted him to major in biology and take over the family business in Mississippi, Whitfield instead graduated in 2002 with a double major in painting and sculpture from Delta State University. For the past 10 years he has been privileged to apprentice with renowned sculptor and painter Wayne Trapp. The partnership has allowed for Whitfield's continual growth in creating large, outdoor, abstract sculptures, which have been exhibited throughout the Southeast as well as commissioned for corporate and private installations. Whitfield currently resides with his wife and daughter in Mountain City, Tennessee.

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Vertigo by Robert CordiscoVertigo by Robert Cordisco

The concept of Vertigo relates to innate thought, emotion, and experience. We sometimes find ourselves with a whirling sensation of bewilderment, an imbalance that seems to take control of us and places us in a muddled trance that obscures our rationale. Vertigo is constructed of stainless steel, is 6'6"x2'6"x2'4" and weighs 160 pounds. The purchase price is $12,000.

robert cordiscoRobert Cordisco is an accomplished, self-taught, contemporary sculptor. He has worked in a variety of mediums, including wood, stone, and metal. Cordisco worked in the construction field for 17 years and taught at an Ohio vocational school for five years before devoting himself entirely to his artwork in 1991. He has exhibited extensively in the United States, receiving several awards for his work. He has installed numerous private-, corporate-, and public-commissioned sculptures.

Cordisco was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and currently resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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Iron Canopy by Phil ProctorIron Canopy by Phil Proctor

Sponsored by Suwanee Magazine

Iron Canopy is part of a group of sculptures whose subject matter is derived from the magic of trees. This work recognizes the idea that life supports life; in this case, the tree is a habitat for a great owl. This sculpture is kinetic, which means that wind can set it in motion. The sculpture is fabricated of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Its dimensions are 17'x12'x10' and it weighs 1,600 pounds. The purchase price is $25,000.

phil proctorFor many years, Phil Proctor has been executing sculptures that embody the concepts of energy and physical space. With Iron Canopy, he has taken that concept to a kinetic level by integrating moving elements that emphasize the idea of energy. Proctor holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and a master of fine arts from East Carolina University. He has been a working artist in his Atlanta studio for the past 10 years. Proctor has permanent sculpture installations throughout the Southeast as well as in countries across Western Europe.

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Aplomb by Luke AchterbergAplomb by Luke Achterberg

Sponsored by Explore Gwinnett

Aplomb explores the relationship between fine art and subcultures of Americana found in hot-rodding, style writing, and street art – all of which display extremely high technical values developed outside of academia. Although artist Luke Achterberg is an academic, he identifies with these values and is diligent in his attention to the quality and individuality of each work. In accordance with subversive acts of street artists, he creates wild works that deeply contrast against their placement in cityscapes. Fabricated of painted steel, Aplomb is 7'3"x 5'5"x 4' and weighs 225 pounds. The purchase price is $10,000.

luke achterbergLuke Achterberg grew up in Wisconsin, the grandson of welders and son and nephew of automotive customizers and painters. He earned a bachelor's degree at the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse and a welding technical diploma from Western Technical College. At the University of Kentucky, where he received his master of fine arts degree, Achterberg was awarded the Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award from the International Sculpture Center. Achterberg, who currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky, exhibits work both outdoors and indoors throughout the United States and Switzerland.

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Who Let the Dogs Out by Jim CollinsWho Let the Dogs Out? by Jim Collins

Sponsored by Ippolito's Italian Restaurant in memory of Amelia & Addison Cunningham's Uncle Rob

The "dogs" in this case are Dalmatians, strong, muscular, active dogs capable of great endurance and considerable speed. Dalmatians not only look aristocratic, they also behave like gentlemen – they're neat and clean, short-coated, and sensible. Almost inevitably, given their great capacity and almost insatiable desire for exercise, they were long ago turned out with fire engines and raced the horses through the streets, thus acquiring the nickname "The Fire House Dogs."

The dogs are constructed of powder-coated stainless steel and are the approximate size of real Dalmatians. The larger dogs weigh 35 pounds while the smaller ones weigh 15 pounds. Purchase price of this installation is $15,000.

jim collinsJim Collins is primarily a public art sculptor working in a figurative manner, which is best exemplified by his long-running series The Watcher. His sculpture style has been characterized by the use of silhouettes of people and animals fabricated of stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.

Collins was a professor of art at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga from 1966-83, when he resigned to devote himself full-time to his career as a professional artist. He received degrees from Marshall University in West Virginia, the University of Michigan, and a master of fine arts degree in sculpture from Ohio University. Collins currently resides in Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

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Dancer 10 by Jack Howard-PotterDancer 10 by Jack Howard-Potter

Sponsored by Janis & Paul Beavin

Jack Howard-Potter's sculptures seek to convey the motion of the body in extremely stressful and beautiful positions, such as the moment that a dancer is at the peak of a jump, that weightless split-second before the body succumbs to gravity. He wants viewers to visualize the actions that led up to a given pose as well as the actions that will follow. Using brightly colored surfaces helps to separate the artist's figures from the landscape, making them stand out in much the same way that people do in their clothing. The brilliant colors also serve to protect the steel from the corrosive outdoor environment as well as to aid in the sense of movement. Dancer 10 is fabricated of powder-coated steel and is 11'x4'x3' and weighs 450 pounds. The purchase price of this piece is $15,000.

jack howard potterMotivated by the study of human anatomy and movement, Jack Howard-Potter works with steel to create large-scale figurative sculptures. His work has been on display in outdoor sculpture parks, galleries, and public art exhibitions throughout the world. He grew up and still resides, with his wife and two children, in New York City. Howard-Potter earned a bachelor's degree in art history and sculpture from Union College and has been making and displaying his original sculpture since 1997.

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Crossing V by Christopher NewmanCrossing V by Christopher Newman

Crossing V is composed of four triangular planes emanating from a single point. Their shapes and angles invite the viewer to move around the piece to enjoy how they relate to one another. The resulting image calls to mind a leaf or flower that is balanced dynamically and magically upon one edge. The yellow color gives the piece presence against both buildings and vegetation and recalls familiar flowers, such as daffodils or daisies. Fabricated of aluminum, Crossing V is 8'x5'x5' weighs approximately 250 pounds. Purchase price is $20,000.

christopher newmanChristopher Newman has pursued his interest in making small- and large-scale abstract studies since receiving a master of fine arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania; he also has a bachelor's degree from Harvard College and a master's of business administration from the University of Chicago. He taught sculpture, 3D design, and art history at several colleges over a decade before working in business while maintaining an active studio. His work has recently been shown in outdoor exhibits in Chicago and Key West.

Newman and his wife currently live and work in Chicago and have three grown children.

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Pick by Andrew T. CrawfordPick by Andrew T. Crawford

Pick was inspired by a love of common objects and an appreciation of well-worn tools. The original concept was created from a discarded pick ax blade. This sculpture is intended to demonstrate the function of the tool and exploit the inherent beauty of a familiar object. Pick is fabricated from forged and fabricated steel. It is 8'x6'x3'9" and weighs 300 pounds. Purchase price is $14,000.

Andrew T. Crawford's youthful artistic endeavors included works in clay, drawing, and music. Crawford attended Rhode Island School of Design where he studied sculpture. After graduating, he returned to Atlanta and opened his workshop and studio. His goal was to create functional objects with an emphasis on blacksmithing. As he has built his business and clientele, he continues to receive attention for his unique ornamental gates.

andrew crawfordCrawford has created ironwork and sculpture for schools, businesses, and municipalities. He has a commissioned sculpture here in Suwanee...have you seen it in front of Ultra Car Wash? Some of his most prominent works have been created for the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Federal Reserve Bank, and the District of Columbia. His works also are among the collections of several American museums.

Andrew Crawford currently lives and works in Atlanta.

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Blue Trees and Sky by Cathrin HoskinsonBlue Trees and Sky by Cathrin Hoskinson

Blue Trees and Sky combines ideas about the body's landscape of veins and nerves with the similar linear patterns found in nature. The surrounding environment is viewed through a rippling silhouette, which is the color of the evening sky and posed in a gesture of dancing or yearning. As a poetic object whose references include hands, wings, and leaves, it strives for a reflection or memory of our place in the natural world. Fabricated from aluminum, Blue Trees and Sky is 7'x2'x1'6" and weighs 75 pounds. The purchase price is $20,000.

cathrin hoskinsonCathrin Hoskinson began painting landscapes with her father as a young girl growing up in Canada, and later studied printmaking and sculpture, completing a master of fine arts degree at Hunter College in New York. A decade of practical experience working at a New York foundry contributed to her knowledge of metal fabrication. Her sculptures have been exhibited from California to Maryland, Illinois to Florida.

Hoskinson has lived most of her life near New York City and now divides her time between the industrial landscape of Red Hook in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley town of Accord, whose forests, explored with her dog, are the inspiration for her sculptures.

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Music from My Father by Fred AjanoghaMusic from My Father by Fred Ajanogha

Sponsored by Peoples Bank & Trust

The inspiration for Music from My Father came from the artist's own musician-father, who played for the family from the time the artist and his siblings were young children. The sculpture represents wisdom passed on from the old to the young not only via words but also through music. Ajanogha gave the little girl an expression that conveys admiration both for her father and his music. Music from My Father is fabricated of cast colored stone. It is 6'x4'x2' and weighs 500 pounds. The purchase price is $20,000.

fred ajanoghaFred Ajanogha came to the United States from Nigeria in 1996 and was commissioned by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games to create a sculpture. Ajanogha has served as artist-in-residence at Morris Brown College, Clark Atlanta University, and Kennesaw State University. Ajanogha resides in College Park and currently is working on a commissioned project for Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

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Reflection by Michael RussellReflection by Michael Russell

Sponsored by Chandler, Britt, Jay, Beck & Zwald LLC

Reflection is the seventh piece in Michael Russell's Ribbon of Steel series. This particular series came into being as Russell pondered what to do with remains of an old steel boiler tank. His impetus in developing this piece was to create a mirror image. As the piece progressed, however, he realized a couple of things: For one, a free form design is much easier to develop than one in which the artist must reflect on what has already been done. Secondly, reflection can mean more than mirror image. When one views Reflection from one side it gives the appearance of outstretched arms, while when viewing from the opposite side, it appears to be a big gaping mouth. Reflection is fabricated of steel, stands 8'6"x6'x2' and weighs approximately 800 pounds. The purchase price is $15,000.

michael russellOriginally from the Ozarks of Missouri, Michael Russell's father was his first welding instructor. Among the things he learned was that all scrap was useful in some way. From a young age, he showed an inclination toward creativity. He was drawn to the natural world around him, and wood carving became his first means of expression. It wasn't until he was in his 40s that Russell realized the time spent perfecting his metal-working abilities was also of benefit for his artistic endeavors...he had found his niche.

Now retired after 26 years of teaching school, Russell, who lives in Athens, Tennessee, has earned the right to do "what I want to ... when I want to."

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Giraffe by Jonathan BowlingGiraffe by Jonathan Bowling

Sponsored by

Giraffe is one of a series of over-sized Victorian children's toys that Jonathan Bowling has made over the past few years. He uses repurposed steel, which allows him to work on a large scale and lends itself to outdoor spaces. He created this piece with his giraffe-loving god-daughter in mind. Giraffe is 15'x5'x9' and weighs 875 pounds. Purchase price is $18,000.

jonathan bowlingJonathan Bowling grew up on a small farm in Kentucky, where the Appalachian Mountains melt into the rolling hills of the bluegrass. His first sculptural efforts were inspired by simple games of childhood: fieldstone castles, a bridle of hay twine, and a driftwood armada. As a teenager in the late 1980s, Bowling lived in Belgium, where he had access to the museums of Western Europe. On his return to the United States, he attended the University of Kentucky, where he received his bachelor of fine arts degree in sculpture and bachelor's degree in art history. He moved to Greenville, North Carolina, where he still resides, in 1996 to pursue a master of fine arts degree in sculpture at East Carolina University.

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