Boards & Committees

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Downtown Development Authority

The Suwanee Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a City Council-appointed group charged with working to revitalize Suwanee’s downtown district, particularly the historic Old Town area. The DDA generally meets at 7:30 am the third Tuesday of each month.

Downtown Development Authority members:

  • Dax Flinn
  • Beth Hilscher
  • Kevin O'Brien
  • Julie Perdue
  • Rob Rohloff
  • Randy Winfield

Harvest Farm Board

The Harvest Farm Managing Board is responsible for maintenance and operation of Harvest Farm, Suwanee’s community garden. The board typically meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm at City Hall, 330 Town Center Avenue.

Harvest Farm Board members:

  • Dan Foster
  • Roger Grant
  • Travis Lanier
  • Kristen Nielsen
  • David Sullivan
  • Joe Vergona

Public Art Commission

The City Council-appointed Public Art Commission (PAC) was established to create programs that bring and promote public art in Suwanee and to work with and encourage developers to use one percent of construction costs to include public art or support public art as a component of new projects. The PAC generally meets at 6:00 pm the first Wednesday of each month.

Public Art Commission members:

  • Chair – Lisa Winton
  • Vice Chair – Cherie Heringer
  • Scott Auer
  • Vickie Johnson
  • Bernie Kirkland
  • Sean Mulligan
  • Keith Nabb

Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is a five-member board comprised of volunteers appointed by Suwanee City Council.  Its duties include hearing and making recommendations to City Council on rezoning and special use permit requests and reviewing amendments to the Zoning Ordinance; the commission also decides on proposed waivers to the city's development regulations and architectural standards. The board also may undertake special studies and reviews as directed by City Council. The Planning and Zoning Commission typically meets at 6:30 pm the first Tuesday of each month.

Planning and Zoning Commission members:

  • Lila Adams
  • Michelle Budd
  • Pete Charpentier
  • Anthony Manners
  • Glenn Weyant

Suwanee Fest Committee

The Suwanee Fest Committee plans our biggest event of the year! This committee meets monthly to assist in planning all aspects of the annual fall festival, from the parade and entertainment to vendors and transportation.

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is a five-member board comprised of volunteers appointed by Suwanee City Council. Its responsibilities include reviewing and issuing rulings related to variance requests and appeals of administrative decisions. Decisions of the ZBA are not subject to the review of City Council and may be appealed only to Gwinnett County Superior Court. The ZBA typically meets at 6:30 pm the third Tuesday of each month.

Zoning Board of Appeals members:

  • Scott Auer
  • Paul Altznauer
  • Ray Brown
  • David Sullivan
  • James Thigpen