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Business License

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Every business in the City of Suwanee must apply each year for an occupational tax certificate, commonly referred to as a business license. The fee for the certificate is based on gross receipts and the tax rate for your business class.

Obtaining a New Business License

Occupational tax certificates for new businesses are available online and at Suwanee City Hall, 330 Town Center Avenue. Please be aware that the only way to obtain and renew occupational tax certificates is directly through the City of Suwanee. 

New businesses as well as those that are changing names, changing ownership, or moving to a new location must obtain a new certificate of occupancy. This certificate is required before you may legally occupy your building, obtain your occupational tax certificate, and conduct business operations. To obtain a certificate of occupancy, submit an online request to the Gwinnett County Fire Marshal. A copy of this certificate must be presented to the City of Suwanee in order to complete city inspections.

The process for obtaining a certificate of occupancy usually requires about a week. It takes about five business days to process a new occupational tax certificate.

Renewing your business license

If you already have a City of Suwanee occupational tax certificate, the city will contact you in early December to renew for the following year. Paperwork is due back to the city in mid-February and payment is due March 31. 

Please be aware: Georgia's "Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011" (HB 87) requires that business license applicants and renewals be in compliance with new state immigration and identification standards. In order to be in compliance, the City of Suwanee must require the affidavits and verifiable documentation that are included and identified in the application forms referenced above.

Occupation Tax Fees

Your occupation tax will be based on the business's gross receipts for the previous year and a tax rate associated with your business class. The maximum tax for any single company is $12,500.

Certain licensed professionals (including architects, doctors, and engineers, and others) may pay a flat fee of $400, rather than a fee based on gross receipts.

As regulated by the State of Georgia, banks should use form PT440 to obtain their occupational tax certificate.

For additional information about occupational tax certificates, please contact the Business Services Specialist Jennifer Combs at 770-904-3383.

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