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Property Taxes

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Property owners within the city limits of Suwanee pay a property tax millage rate of 4.93 mills.

The City of Suwanee issues property tax notices for city taxes in October with payment due by December 20.

The Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner bills Suwanee property owners separately for county and school taxes.  These taxes are due by October 15 each year.

Reduce your tax bill!
Apply for homestead exemptions!

The best way to reduce your property tax bill is to apply for homestead exemptions. There are a variety of exemptions available to property owners within Gwinnett County.
The application deadline is April 1. For all exemptions, you must own and occupy the property as your primary residence as of January 1 of the tax year for which application is being made. 

You may apply online for your exemption.  Please note, all exemptions are processed and approved by the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner's Office.  Approved exemptions are then forwarded to the City of Suwanee to apply to your city tax bill.

Just Sold a Home or Property?

By law, whoever owns the property on January 1 of each year is responsible for that year's property taxes.

  • If the property is sold later in the year, it is possible for the January 1 owner to transfer the liability for the payment of property taxes to the new owner. This can be done through a purchase agreement or other form of contract and is usually handled at the closing.
  • The tax commissioner does not prorate taxes between buyer and seller. This should be handled at the closing as well.

For county tax information, call 770-822-8800 or visit the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner's website

For questions related to City of Suwanee property taxes,
please call 770-945-8996.