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Commercial Film Policy

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As it would any industry that enhances its economic development landscape, the City of Suwanee welcomes the film industry to the community and looks forward to working cooperatively with industry professionals. While these film permit guidelines are written primarily for commercial film productions (including television programs, motion pictures, documentaries, commercials, etc.), they also may be applied to other commercial media productions, including radio broadcasts and photo shoots.

Generally, the City of Suwanee practices a philosophy of openness in regard to accessibility to its parks, City Hall, and other public facilities. That is, we prefer to encourage access and use while limiting rules and restrictions. That being said, use of Suwanee public facilities by the film industry requires some city oversight in order to protect interests of residents and businesses, ensuring their accessibility to public facilities and minimizing potential inconveniences.

Film permit applications will be evaluated using several criteria, including, but not limited to: impact on facilities and the community, reasonableness of the request, dates of request and whether they conflict with previously scheduled community events, artistic merit, good-standing of production company, impact on the city's brand/reputation, and special circumstances of requests.