CodeRed Weather Notifications

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The City of Suwanee contracts with Emergency Communications Network to provide its CodeRed emergency and general notification services via phone calls, email, or text. Notifications that may be made through the system fall into three categories: emergency weather, emergency situations (such as a gas leak or terrorism threat), and general notification about events and other non-emergency city information. Citizens are required to opt in for general and weather notifications and to opt out of emergency notifications.

Weather notifications are generated through the National Weather Service for alerts or warnings, not watch situations, and are geocoded so that subscribers in only impacted areas are notified. The emergency component of this service is used sparingly and only in instances when the situation requires awareness or action in order to ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

Citizens may enter multiple phone numbers for the same address, but only one address may be associated with each phone number. Data provided by citizens to the Emergency Communications Network is not shared, even with the City of Suwanee, except as required by law.

"This is a service that our citizens have requested,” says City Manager Marty Allen, “and we’re pleased to be able to provide it in a manner that we believe is effective and cost efficient.”

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