Licenses, Permits, Taxes, & Applications

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Licenses, permits, and taxes are handled by several different departments within the City of Suwanee. In order to help you find the applications and information you need quickly, this section of the web site lists the documents and references (and links to) the department responsible for each. Whenever possible, checklists, samples, and procedures are provided in the department sections as well to help streamline the process.

For information regarding voter registration, car tags, marriage licenses, firearm permits, and property tax exemptions, please contact Gwinnett County.

For information regarding driver’s licenses, hunting, fishing, and boat licenses, please contact the State of Georgia.

 Licenses & Permits


 Alcohol Beverage License  Business Services
 Alcohol Excise Tax  Business Services
 Business License  Business Services
 Building Permits  Planning Services
 Commercial Film Permit  Economic Development
 Parade/Public Assembly Permits  Police
 Documents & Downloads  Planning Services
 Property Taxes   Business Services
 Planning Services
 Water Service Application  Business Services